CSS is not reflecting in my glitch projects, also the show preview window in the right shows inconsistent behaviour

I’m facing two major problems while coding in glitch projects.

  1. My CSS changes are not auto applied like JavaScript changes in the preview window to the right. I have to either change url in the url box OR close the live preview and reopen to see the changes.

  2. The live preview window is only visible half when u are in certain files, like when click certain files like .css the window is only half visible, but for .js file it is fully visible.

Try dragging the splitscreen or open in a new tab and just refresh

Thanks, but dragging or minimizing the browser doesn’t work. Its not just the preview window in right, the whole glitch project page gets stretched. Also even if I open I the preview in another window the problem is the css changes are not reflected live in that wnidow, idk why.

Hi, welcome to the forums! You might want to check if you have the link to the css in the html file - so in the section make sure you’ve got . I haven’t got a clue about why the preview isn’t showing properly.
Edit: oh hang on, just read your your post agsin and realised this isn’t the problem. Might be worth a look though. Sorry!

Css is linked mate, it just doesn’t show up live. Very hard to deal with and a very tedious.