CSS not updating on custom domain

Using freenom.
I believe this is only the styling, regular text does not show up.

The domain works, updated styling doesn’t. Making a website for my bot.
Custom Freenom domain:

Regular project.glitch.me:
Click to see image(i am new to forums so can’t upload multiple medias)

I am 99% sure this isn’t a problem with my code. I am also using Cloudflare to have the website secure.

Can you try clearing your cache?

It takes some time to update on domains for freenom, (also note that some people can’t even see these free domains) and I see that your table has been updated.

I think you are getting HTML content on a webpage mixed up with DNS propagation.

How much the HTML updates has nothing to do with the domain vendor or DNS provider.

Oh yeah hehehe… DNS propagation takes a bit of time (it could go fast, or slow)

But what does DNS propagation have to do with this?

I’m responding to this.

Can anyone see like red squares around media?

No, sorry I don’t think I can.

Tried going on the website? It’s good if you can’t

No I mean I don’t think I can see the code update.

Looks good to me:

I would repeat what these guys are saying that it’s probably a caching thing, so your browser is storing an old version of the page and its assets. Chrome is particularly bad for this.

To fully refresh the page, open the Devtools with F12, then right-click the refresh button and choose ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’:


In Firefox, Ctrl+F5.

Hope it helps!

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