CSSMixin: a CSS processer, like less or sass

Project URL: https://cssmixin.glitch.me/

A work in progress css processor, like Less or Sass, but client side.
Please break it so I can fix it!
Let me know what you make.


It would be more helpful if it is in NPM registry or CDN, so you have to build it to the AMD module(w/ Webpack, for example)

This is actually a great idea, but can you show us the benchmarks? Why I would choose your script instead of existing popular processors? (https://github.com/bestiejs/benchmark.js might help with it)

Making a Content Delivery Network would require server software such as nginx.

Fortunatly every project runs on this, so no problem i suppose

But there is a website that hosts node packages on it’s CDN, i’ll find it

It’s not a module. One of the main reasons I made it is it doesn’t need a build step.
Just include <script src="https://cssmixin.glitch.me/cssmixin.js" defer></script>
I’ll add more documentation later.

haven’t you’ve heard of that?

Yeah, if i put it on GitHub, which I will eventually, then i could use JSDeliver.

Added docs and benchmarks:
Benchmark it at https://cssmixin.glitch.me/benchmark.html

yeah ive heard of JSdelivr

My library is pretty fast! I’m getting processing speeds of about 1 ms for the demo file! I made a equivalent less file, but I’m not sure how to benchmark less with that. The CLI for less feels a lot slower though. (Note: This isn’t a super fair comparison, my thing only does mixins, less does a lot more.)