Current HyperDev Outage


Current Status

We brought forward the release of our latest big code branch and have restored the service. The DDoS attack continues, but the new code is handling it much better. You can now access your code and run your projects normally at We hadn’t planned to release the new code for a couple more weeks, so realistically we expect an ongoing series of small outages and minor bugs as we hone things and the robotic battalions shift their strategies. But, we should now be much better positioned to stay online.

Folks are welcome to email in if we can assist with anything (, and we thank you for your patience this week. :thumbsup:


On Wednesday we made the tough decision to take HyperDev offline for maintenance, in response to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This allowed us to properly implement a high-quality DDoS protection solution for HyperDev, and ensure your projects were kept safe. To be clear, we have not detected any unauthorized access to any HyperDev projects.


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Is it possible to access our code so we can move it somewhere else in the meantime?


If it’s at all possible, maybe public projects could be put on GitHub for the meantime. It’s no less secure than just viewing the code on the HyperDev read-only editor. I think this would be a good way to keep people satisfied during the downtime after/during the attack. I know you are already working on better security, but I think people are looking for this.



Apologies for the downtime.

We don’t have a self-serve tool for this handy yet, but if you email us then we can provide a .zip of your source for you. Email us at with the name of your hyperdev project and we’ll get it sent along to you.

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Agreed. We’re working toward having GitHub back projects as a primary host, so that in the future you’ll never be separated from your code by a HyperDev outage. We can’t put that together for this outage, but if you email with public project name we’d be happy to zip up your source for you. We hope to be online again before too long.

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Any updates on this? You people said that anybody who needed/wanted the source code could send an email;

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Just updated :slight_smile: Should be online now, but there’s a bit more nuance-- see above.


Now Hyperdev doesn’t work. It says “Looks like we’re over capacity. We’re working hard to get back up.”


Stability has been significantly better the past few hours, sorry for any inconvenience the previous downtime may have caused. We’ll continue to monitor the service and update if things look like they’re taking another turn.