Currently looking for Developers

Hello there,

I’m currently developing a system which will allow Glitch users to have documentation of several programming languages in the editor, along with frequent errors people make and how to solve them.

The first languages will be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python.

I need a team of 4-10 developers, who have programmed a project in one of the 5 programming languages listed above.

If anyone is interested, please send me a message via the glitch support forum and I’ll give you further information.



Hey @Fionn,
Are we going for general programming help or help with popular libs/frameworks related to said languages. (Python & Flask, JS & Discord.js, Html/css & Bootstrap etc.)

For the first release, general programming help.
In future releases, libs/frameworks will most likely be a feature.

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What sort of system? I would like to help, I know 4 of the 5 languages

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I know python and html, mainly the OS module and other stuff

I can help a lot! Always looking for jobs to do!

How come we have a redirect @Fionn?

I’ll remove the redirect in a few minutes.
It was there for testing.

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Okay, just removed it.

I am experienced in java, HTML and Python.

Hi, I am a full stack dev, 10+yrs on PHP (mostly symfony and laravel), good with JS. CSS, HTML
I am on COVID leave, would be happy to join.

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Hi there! I’d love to help out. I’m currently working on a Learn-Code Project too (I’d be happy to help with the project you guys are working on, regardless of my project) I also know 3 of those languages: HTML, CSS, and JS.