Custom asset names in Glitch CDN

I have a website for downloading android apps (.apk) files. I uploaded a file named DrawPad.apk and when I download it from my website, it comes out as 1e368c43-84a2-4c00-81d5-c945a1dc6677_DrawPad.apk.

Is there any way to make the downloaded file come out as just DrawPad.apk?

No?? As far as I’m aware Glitch does this with every file from the server.

Could you be more specific? I don’t want to guess. Where is the APK hosted? How are you downloading it?

I just uploaded the apk file to the “assets” tab. I downloaded it from my glitch project. The link is:

Oh sorry didn’t read your title. But that seems to be a thing only glitch controls. It’s most likely done with a unique UUID assigned with each file to prevent duplicate URIs

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for taking a look

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@RiversideRocks, if you still prefer using your assets with a custom name, you’ll have to upload the images into a folder in the project rather than the Assets drawer. Here’s how to do it: Hello, how to create a folder?