Custom Domain, boosted app, I need 2 more "thanks"...WTF

I’m exhausted. Been working on an small app for the past few weeks. Was looking at different hosting options and thought glitch looked pretty cool. Got things up and running under the free model super quick awesome. Bought a custom domain earlier today and was wanting to get it hooked up. When you click that option it says that I need 3 more thanks.

I figure, I’ll boost the app and this should go away. Nope. Now I need 2 thanks.

I’m in a hurry, I’m on a flight tomorrow out of town for a funeral. I am trying to get this up for someone that needs this yesterday. Ok, how do I get “thanks”. I click on the link and it seriously tells me how I can ask for help with my code and that I should make sure to click the button to thank them for the help. Fan…tas…tic. How in the hell do I actually get thanks? Anyone know? For the love of god let me look at your code so that I can help you fix it so that after I can pray that you click the button after I’ve been working for 15 hours. This is such awesome news!

I’ll be monitoring my thread in the hopes that someone out there needs help now. Please respond. I want to go to bed.

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There are indeed some flaws with this rather outdated method of enabling custom domains. Boosting apps should indeed allow you to add custom domains without getting thanks.

Couldn’t you just make extra, throwaway accounts with throwaway emails from something like, Then like invite those accounts to a project made on your main account and then just use the throwaways to thank your main? I don’t need a website so I haven’t tried it but this method has worked for me on other sites.

I was thinking to do just that. The problem I guess is I have no idea how to find where people need help with their code. I took a break, maybe after an hour with some fresh eyes I can tackle this. What a complete PITA. Is this not a place to actually host apps but just someplace to have fun with code? Maybe this isn’t the right answer. Bummer.

What I suggested was to just make more accounts to thank yourself, that way you can unlock the custom domain feature for free and quickly. And you can host stuff on Glitch, its one what the best things I’ve found. One great thing is its online meaning you can edit your projects from anywhere on your phone. I host Discord bots and Twitch bots off of Glitch. I haven’t used a custom domain on Glitch so I can’t help you with that but I’ve made websites with them being subdomains of I can just say that Glitch is definitely not just someplace to have fun, it really works.

people can give you thanks if you just join their project.’

Make a few new accounts, setup a project and get those users on it. Then go to their accounts and click on your icon in the top bar in the editor, you should see a button that gives thanks

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Doing the new accounts, no one has any code issues I presume. This has got to be hands down the dumbest way I’ve ever troubleshooted a server problem. Congrats to the designers. Simply amazing how stupid this is.

I created a new account, asked for help on some BS line. No idea how to help myself. LOL Does anyone have a link to where I can help coders?

Signed into both accounts. Asked for help. I keep refreshing on the other window “Looks like nobody is asking for help right now.” O…k…then. 10/10 recommending this to friends.

You can just use the join link to invite the account to the project.

One thank down!

Trying to create a fake email address is harder than I expected. Gmail requires a phone. Googling where to create spam accounts now. This process is so intuitive, thanks glitch!

I also think that cheating the system isn’t the way to do it. Custom domains are supposed to be getting something back from the community.

I did eventually figure that out and got 1 down. It never showed up in the main feed. Doubt that it’s working.

So I just paid money for nothing you’re saying. I honestly don’t want to cheat the system, I just want to be able to have a custom domain name for something I paid for.

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I had the same problem. I think it’s an outdated design choice - to motivate users to interact with each other by feature restrictions. Now when we have a paid plan it should open all features.
Also actually nobody use Help me feature. So, workaround with 2 accounts is the only way to get custom domains.

A few weeks ago there was finally someone on the help section so I went there and helped and got 1 more thanks on top of 1 thanks I had already got. I agree it’s outdated, but until Glitch decides to change it, I don’t think people should be cheating it. Every time you log onto Glitch, don’t go straight to the edit page, look at the front page for people asking for help


You think that we should pay for something and then wait weeks for someone to thank us for helping them. You and I have different levels of what service should be it seems.

I think it’s a cool idea if you’re just screwing around. Glitch seems to me to be setup by like 1 person who doesn’t support anything and is too busy to answer simple questions.

Next one I have is, where are the DNS nameservers for glitch? Having a CNAME or Alias doesn’t do all that much without the main pointer of where it is supposed to go. Makes me think that NO ONE has actual production sites here because why would you want a random name for a professional app you’re making. Anyone have alternatives to glitch? Really glad I only got 1 month.

Maybe in a few years this’ll be a little more solid. Right now it feels like amateur hour. My site still isn’t up. Wah wahhhhhhh.

They actually have quite a large team (see:

whats your glitch profile url? id be happy to give you a thanks