Custom domain - can't access for now

Hey, I’m unable to make a project a custom domain as I need to “Help others and get thanked 1 more times to use this”. However, every time I check the glitch home screen, no one is asking for help. Is there any way around this? Or can someone request help now and then thank me once I help?



May I have your project link? I’ll give a ‘thank you’ and you can access the feature. :wink:

Other way around :slight_smile: I need you to ask for help on your project and then I can come and fix it - then you can say ‘thank you’

It would work either way, as long as you are both inside a project together

Could you help me out Callum? Is there anyone I can join to help you?

Hey @tomglynch, while you’re waiting to be able to help others, you can set up a custom domain on manually.

Sorry for the bother!

Ah thats a good idea. Thanks Cori

You also have 2 thanks, so you should now be able to access the custom domain feature within Glitch too.