Custom Domain Cname Help

When im adding a custom domain its tells me to add a cname record i do what it says but theres something i dont understand.
what do i put for the cname Record Name/Source In my cpanel for my site

More often than not you need to put Glitch CNAME records into your domain registrar’s DNS records which are usually controlled outside of CPanel. Who is your registrar?

As for the source, the syntax depends on the registrar but if for example your domain was and you wanted it to connect to Glitch your source would probably be either blank or @. But if you wanted to connect to Glitch the source would be the subdomain, glitch in this example.

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my cpanel provider is AeonFree

Maybe this could help you out?

I do not have access to simple or advanced zone editor, only sub domains, addon domains, redirects, and parked domains :expressionless:
I do have access to cname records thought and must provide a record name/SOURCE, A domain name for it (auto fills in), and the destination.

Record name should be the subdomain name you want and source should be the link glitch gives you.

that’s a hosting provider. If you want to host your project on glitch, you need to change your DNS on your registrar