Custom domain cName pointing url

I forgot to note the url while adding a custom domain to my project. I tried to add same domain ,but it says that domain already registered in glitch. Please help me out,
Project :

hi @yuva-poojary - can you let me know the domain you need me to unregister for you?

oh I have a question it is possible to use 2 domains ?

@yuva-poojary we have removed the custom domains from the site.

A project can have more one custom domain linked to it. However, a single custom domain can only point to one glitch project.

If you have any more questions, let us know!

Now also I can’t add domain

Please remove all domains


The domains, and have been removed from your glitch projects. If you are trying to add them to a new project and receive a message saying that you cannot use those domains, please contact and ask for them to be fully disconnected.

If you need a different custom domain removed from a glitch project, we will need to know its name. Once you let us know, we can remove it.

kindly remove my domain
project link