Custom Domain Currently Not Working!

Hello! My custom domain is not working right now. It was working yesterday and like for 3 days in a row, because I set it up 3 days ago, but today, it says not found, I asked my friend and he said he didn’t edit the project at all. Does anyone know the issue?

Can you explain what is not working?

not found:

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Are you using in your DNS?

If you are, create an A record with the target of

Yes, like I said, it was working for 3 days in a row and we didn’t make any changes to the project.

It also seems like other people are having to issue too.


That should work, but if it does not, try contacting

You are not alone, I’ve been facing this issue since yesterday.

@glitch_support seems to be a global issue!

Hi, @SethuSenthil, please email Glitch Support at or get a token from

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Yup, have the same issue here

*EDIT: Just to clarify it’s with all of my domains too

Can confirm this is also happening, just checked my site:

My domain ( is also down. Maybe abandoned Glitch?? Let us know if anything comes back from support!

Are you using your link, because my custom domain is fine.

I just use the URL.

Well, your domain seems fine. But the subdomain is “not found”

I don’t use glitch for my main site, the only glitch site I have is the gogs subdomain.

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What do you host your main site on? You moved right, it used to be hosted on Glitch?