Custom Domain Delete?

Can someone remove all of my custom domains in project: “bot-slaybot”?

Glitch’s staff is not very present at the moment but you can still register a domain manually to a project

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Hey @GhostSlayer,

What @zeis974 said is absolutely true, but it would be helpful if you could report the project name and custom domain.

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I am guessing you did not read the OP’s issue correctly, @khalby786. The user had already mentioned the project’s name and wants all domain names ever added to the project removed.



It is better to give the custom domain, but you’re right it can be removed without specifying it.

Hi @GhostSlayer,

Thanks for contacting us!

So we can help you, we will need to know the names of the custom domains that you want removed from this project.

Please remove the all. It has and But it has subdomains like so can you delete all the domains there pls :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info @GhostSlayer!

We have removed and from your project. was not associated with any Glitch projects.

If you think of any more custom domains or subdomains that you want removed from this project, let us know!

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can help me pls a do the same thing my domain is

@LoadxWar Please don’t reply to really old posts. Also, to get a custom domain removed you will need to email