Custom Domain Directly Using Freenom DNS service

So, can I just type in and it will display the website with the custom domain?

Or do I need to use the custom domain feature in glitch?

You will need to use the custom domain feature. If you need any help with that, please let us know!

It’s really very easy! Go to custom-domains, put your domain in, and save that cname somewhere! Then, don’t click on “Use Freenom DNS Service” or “Use your own dns” and click on the next button or whatever! When you have the domain, on the top of the screen click Services > My Domains. Then find your domain from the list and press “Manage Domain” then press “Manage Freenom DNS”. You should see this:

The name should be “www” (you can’t do a root domain for a cname), the type should be “cname”, the ttl should be “3600” and the cname is cname from glitch. Then save your changes.

After that wait 10-20 mins BEFORE visiting your site! If you go to it before, it will terminate freenom and you will have to get a new domain.

Your site will be something

Want to get the site that’s not a www? Add an aname, where it says “name” leave it blank, same ttl as before and the target should be “”. If it doesn’t work click here, put your cname in and use the ip shown. Hope this helps! (yes I spent some time writing this :joy:)

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Where did you get this part :thinking:

I kinda just made it up and It works

For some reason all of the glitch cnames have the same ip :joy:

yes, they are all