Custom Domain doesn't show URL to use

The custom domain prompt doesn’t show the URL I need to use for my CNAME.
Could it be, that my domain is too big for the box?
If so, can I please get my URL?



I kant gud engulisch put yu kan try to use Twitter for it

Hi @zImPatrick, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

As things stand I have no way to determine what domain it was assigned, although i can ask the team for help. I can also delete the domain if you let me know what project it’s for so you can try again if you’d like.

That said, I think there’s a larger problem here that I will look into tomorrow morning; there may be something going on between Glitch and that’s causing some problems.

Okay, please delete the Domain, and I will try again.
It is currently assigned to

I’ll try again, and see if it works then.

Ok, I’ve remove that domain from that project; let me know how you get on.

Still doesn’t work.
Screenshot is below.
I tried with “”, if that helps.
Hope this gets fixed,

Best regards,

I just PMed you the domain for this custom domain / project combination, and we’re working to fix up the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Big thanks to you!


whoops i introduced a bug. This should now be fixed. Sorry about that!

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No problem, I got to see how awesome and fast the Glitch Staff is! :slight_smile: