Custom Domain for API

Okay. It looks like the can’t find IP address error is gone. I’m getting this now.

No more errors on Termius.

The droplet seems to be closing the connection.

At this point I would recommend you contact digital ocean support.

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Okay. I will. Thanks.

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I think it may be blocking the connection. But do what he said. They are the only ones who can fix it.

Got it working. I had to use port 80, and then run a command to unlock port 80. Thank you so much for the support!

For ports 8080 and 433 use https://.

In Cloudflare?

When typing in the domain.

Okay. Will do. Thanks. You helped me out a lot. Can’t thank you enough.

No problem.

on ur index.html or ssomewhere, does it specify “”. try doing CTRL(CMD for mac) + f then google and it should show you. Keep doing that to all your files and you should find where its redirecting.

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It is an API.

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I had thought you unlocked it earlier but just realized you never did when you said your error I just kinda assumed in my subconscious. Never really crossed my mind :rofl: