Custom domain for paid users

I feel that glitch should let paid users use a custom domain on their projects. Like cmon glitch I’m paying for this service and I can’t even use a custom domain?

You can Use Custom Domains You got to be Thanked 2 Times
are you saying that the requirement of 2 thanks should be ignored if you are a Paid user?
because i am Able to set up a Custom Web domain i bought since i have 2 thanks

ya pretty much. idk why they require this for paid users anyway.

There is custom domain when you got thanked 2 times. The problem is you can’t use the domain or what?

It existed Why Before Boosted app in fact i hopped aboard glitch a month Before Boosted apps came to existence it would be a good idea that Boosted members Do not need to get 2 thanks but it is there probably as a reward if you help out the community

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I hopped to glitch before when they even added boost.


You can Set up Your Own Custom Domain
You need to Buy Your Own Custom Domain Sadly
And then You can Use Custom Domain to Redirect your project page to that domain So you are basically not using a Glitch Subdomain Anymore

Buying .xyz domains are cheap.

You can Buy one of those then if you wish

I know i am able to Set up a custom Domain

Edit: i edited the text because it sounded like i was offering some service

No, thank you for questioning it.

How can I vote this up 1000 times? This is the dumbest thing about glitch ever. It’s infuriating to a new paid user - like me.

Well Glitch is a Awesome Platform and They try to Encourage Helping Others Out
They added that probaley a long time ago
They May change it or they may not

hmmm @Boofhead1000 is right, you do need 2 likes, I have them :slight_smile:

Yeah so do i Helped Out 2 people
Also They are Called “Thanks”
Sorry can’t help myself i have to Correct

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no big deal lol my bad

Here’s an invisible vote!

oh yeah :slight_smile:

let’s just make this thing where you can just apply to an application if you have more than 10 likes on discourse or have written 2 solutions then someone can automatically ask for help 2 times on 2 projects and thank u