Custom domain for project ramzsite

I have the same problem, my project is “ramzsite”, could you help with it as well?

Hey @BeastlyRamZilla, welcome to the Glitch forum!

There was a lot going on in that other topic so I moved your question to its own. Can you help us understand exactly what sort of help you need?

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Its basically the same problem. I added the dns, and stuff like that, and im trying to enter my domain in, but it says “ is already registered for glitch” I was just wondering if you could reset the domain thing as well so I could re add it

If what you need is the link to configure your DNS, and the domain is already on the correct Glitch project, then you can use instead of whatever address you were originally provided. They are completely interchangeable, and the address is expected to replace the addresses going forward.

If you need to move it to another project then let me know and I’ll remove it.

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Ok, thank you for your help!

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