Custom domain help


The domain says it’s taken when I own it and have not created a glitch project for it nor set up a custom domain.



Hi @vabajaa, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I do not see that domain reserved on our end of things; can you tell me exactly how you came across the error message you received and the exact message?


I was trying to add the domain as a custom domain and got that error, nothing prior.

If it helps the exact word for word error is “Hostname is already taken. If you control that hostname, please contact


Ah yes, thanks for the additional details.

That means that at some point that domain name was registered directly with, not through the custom domain feature in Glitch. The best thing to do is to contact as indicated, but if you run into problems let us know and we can try to follow things up from our end.

Good luck!


Thanks! I will be emailing them shortly. I love the fast support you provide.


I had the same issue as @vabajaa, so I emailed them and they sent me back here.


So @nathfreder do you still need help with something on a particular custom domain? Depending on how the domain was added it either needs to go through Glitch or through If you’re still having trouble let us know the domain name and project name and we’ll take a look.