Custom domain is already registered for glitch

i put a custom domain but i dont understand anything how to link it with my project i go to
but i dont understand anything
also when i put the custom domain first i copy the CNAME record and i put it in the domain site

Name : www Target: <-- this not a real record
but also nothing change

From your description it is not entirely clear to me what you have done and what is going wrong…

I assume you’ve already added the domain name in the Glitch project as described in and have gotten a to use?

Are you trying to add the CNAME entry using the copied URL at your registrar’s website?

i take this and i past it like

and nothing work

I’m asuming that with “nothing works” you mean that visiting the domain in the browser does not show the configured Glitch, correct?

Some things that I would check are:

  1. Check if the Nameservers are correct
  2. Check that the DNS change is propagate correctly to other DNS servers (for instance using
  3. Check if things change if another subdomain (or a catchall) is used.

If the nameservers are correct, DNS changes are properly picked up by other servers and changing the sub-domain doesn’t help, the next step would be to look into the DNS date in more detail. This quite a good resource to give you some pointers:

So, if you registared the domain now, it may takes a while to updates it.

I would also reccomend not using Freenom for DNS as they can tend to do shady things when you have them as your DNS provider (ex. redirect your domain to a weird website). Instead you should use something such as Cloudflare for DNS.

how can i see all my domains again and see the CNAME, bc i forget it and i didn’t find any buttom to see it again

If I understand the documentation correctly, you should be able to use instead of

If you’ve misplaced the url you were provided, not to worry! You can use instead - it’s completely interchangeable with any domain.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to ask Glitch staff to remove the custom domain.

To remove a custom domain:

If you need to remove a custom domain from your project, or you have received a message stating that your custom domain is already in use, please contact us at We can help unlink custom domains from your projects.

Instead email you could also posting in the “Glitch Help” forum (See Lost '' url for custom domain).