Custom Domain Issue (

Hi There,

I want to my domain to be removedfrom my project
Project Name: (learnenglish) Private


and by the way, my domain is not working at all, I’ve seen a lot of tutorials and saw a lot of posts here, nothing works.

Hi @HeemPlayz! I’ve removed these custom domains from your learnenglish project.

Can you tell me more about what wasn’t working for you with custom domains? Any additional information you can provide will help us make the process easier for you and other users in the future. Thanks!

@lyzidiamond Thanks For replying and removing them.

The problem was when I add a custom domain, I get a URI for it to put it in CNAME,
So after putting it, the custom domain won’t work, even if I edit the URI to
Nothing works.

And by the way, when I add a custom domain, should it be with www or not?