Custom Domain - No Point


Hi, I just tried to link a custom domain for my glitch project. When I clicked the custom domain button for my Glitch Project it showed me the domain I wanted to add but the point code wasn’t showing. I have attached a picture to this support request to show you what I mean. I am just using another one of my domains I own. Initially I wanted to use the domain but it didn’t show me the point address and now when I try to re-add it, it says Glitch has it already registered.



Hi @Zachify I’ll need the project name that you registered for in the snapshot above to remove it.


The Glitch Project is:


Ok I’ve removed


Could you also remove


The project is most likely assigned with is:


Ok that one’s removed as well


Okay thank you :slight_smile: So much for the help. I deeply appreciate it. But isn’t it weird, how the custom domain didn’t show a pointing to address?


If you mean that it didn’t show that in the Custom Domain dialog in the Glitch editor, that’s a feature that we haven’t yet implemented.


I thought it used to work. :thinking: Okay, thanks anyway for resetting the domain.


Hey could you also remove and domains from Glitch’s end and’s. I am not sure which of my glitch projects has those domains attached.