Custom domain not working for React generated static site

I’ve added a custom domain to this project and most network requests are working as expected but two requests which are required by the app give a 404 only when accessing it via the custom domain:

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at AEDT - 1.02.43 pm

The custom domain is:

Is it possible to fix this on my end or does something on Glitch’s side need to be modified?

Hi Cal,

I’ve just visited your custom domain and it loads the app fine for me :+1:
Maybe it was a transient issue?

Hi SteGriff, thanks for the quick reply!

Interesting, it looks like it’s fine when the project goes to sleep and the site is served statically but as soon as it’s woken up again by visiting Glitch :・゚✧ and it starts being served by vite then it fails.

I’m trying to view one of the missing files and it crashes my tab!

I’d contact about this, when I “curled” the missing file, it returned the HTML source of the homepage.

Very strange! Thanks for doing that :blush:

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