Custom domain not working..tried everything :(


so I am trying to set up my custom domain but it’s not working.

  1. These are the steps I followed after I read the instructions:

  2. Then on squarespace (where i purchased my domain) I created a CNAME with www and put that long url in the data section:

  3. I let the custom nameservers stay as they are, using squarespace nameservers

Is there something i’m doing wrong?

Your domain is working fine for me! It may just take a while for it to update on your device.

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Oh really? I asked someone else to check and they can’t see it either - however I messed with the settings just 2 minutes ago so now I don’t know what was the settings that it was on when it was fine for you

If i leave it how it is (which is like this, not like the screenshot in my otherpost, and it’s not working for me) can you check again now?

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It works for me now ! thank you so so much for your help. really appreciate it.

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