Custom Domain Suddenly Broken

All of a sudden my custom domain no longer works - Changed nothing on my project side, I got reports from some of my users mid-day about the webpage not loading, & when I checked myself it didn’t load. The domain works - does anyone else have this issue?

Nope, it’s just you.

Maybe your domain got broken by the registrar, or your dns is changed

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What is your DNS provider?

It’s godaddy

I would 100% recommend you switch to Cloudflare, they have better DNS.

I am still using porkbun for my domains but I will stop and use cloudfare

and godaddy has the most priciest domains, I recommend transferring your domain asap

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I might switch later… However, godaddy isn’t reporting any major outages - I checked the info & it’s pointing to a domain… So this might be a bug…

Umm porkbun is a registrar for domains but cloudflares domain selling isn’t well known but it suprisingly exists

They seem to be pretty nice especially when they don’t use something like bait and switch

“With a good idea on how to build a more secure registrar we asked our customers what they hated about their current registrar. Two phrases kept coming up: “bait and switch” and “endless upsell.” If you’ve ever registered a domain, you know the drill. You get a discounted price when you first register, but with each renewal the price soars. In the best cases we’ve found, it’s around two times the original offer. In the worst, it’s more than twenty times. It’s gross. That’s in addition to the constant upsells for other products that either should be included for free (for example, DNSSEC) or that you just don’t want (for example, worthless trusted site seals) …”

They also help out special organizations

" One twist: we’re providing another way to jump to the front of the queue. Just as we want to thank and reward our most tenured customers, we also want to help support those organizations that are attempting to make a meaningful difference in our industry. One such organization is Girls Who Code, which aims to help close the gender gap in the technology industry. To support this organization’s efforts, we’re inviting customers to make a contribution to Girls Who Code during the Early Access registration process, and those who do will move to the front of our Early Access invitation queue."


Wow, I’m really bummed I didn’t find this a year back.

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