Custom Domain Support Without Fly

Instead of using for custom domain support on Glitch projects, I’d think it’d be cool to be able to enable custom domains and add DNS records to the domain provider (e.g. Freenom) or DNS provider (e.g. Cloudflare) so that custom domains aren’t directed like so;

Domain Provider => DNS Provider => Fly => Glitch

It could just be like this;

Domain Provider => DNS Provider => Glitch

I’d really want to see this feature be added.


  • Damian Freeman (Web Developer)

Hey @ArtifexYT, thanks for the suggestion. We’re definitely thinking about additional ways we could make the custom domains process easier, but at the moment we’re not planning on undertaking the additional infrastructure that handling the domain proxying would entail.

That said, who knows what the future might bring, so don’t forget to vote for this suggestion as well if it’s something you’d like to see us consider.

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Alright. Thanks.


How would this provide an improvement over the current custom domain in Glitch that are powered by Fly? Currently you don’t need to mess with fly anyways since glitch handles it for you (unless you’re not aware of the custom domain functionality in the Glitch editor?)