Custom Domain .tk Help

So, I’m trying to have my Website I wrote go to my Domain: that I got on and It’s not working. If there’s anyone that can help please respond!

I can help. What specifically isn’t working?

Hi, Rex.
Based of what you’ve told us - I’m going to assume that you may have forgotten to setup a few things on your registrars side. On Freenom create a CNAME record to - things should be wokring now!

I looked up the domain with nslookup. (I use Windows, not dig)

> nslookup

> nslookup

> ■

it’s not set yet. Please check carefully.

Freenom can take a while to update DNS records. I would recommend switching to Cloudflare.

Is Cloudflare Free? Do you know

Yes! They do have a free plan.

Does this look right?

(The crossed out is my link given to me by Glitch)

Hey, Rex!

Instead of using glitch as the name use @ this will automatically use the root URL. However, even is not resolving correctly.

It’s not even responding with Not Found which is what usually happens when the link you have doesn’t work.

I’ll try to make a video explaining how to do this.

it’s responding not found because the custom domain they typed into Glitch is different (probably didn’t include the glitch. subdomain)

@advaith But in his case it doesn’t resolve either way.

No, that’s a rudimentary problem.

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The domain still refers to Freenom’s name server. It is not Cloudflare enabled.

Probably Freenom’s name server will not accept CNAMEs for apex domains (no subdomains).
Cloudflare can do that. So that was the right guide.

That should be fine.

hi advaith. it doesn’t matter if you use the glitch. subdomain as edgeapp can utilize it.

if you don’t type in your domain correctly, then it won’t work, because it checks the domain thats being requested

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Hey, Advaith.
I’m pretty sure that along as you registered your domain name onto glitch you can just substitute the URL glitch provides you with