Custom Domain Trouble

Hello, I am looking to put my project on a custom domain, the fact that I have been thanked twice tells me I can do this. I bought the domain: and when I tried to add a CNAME on godaddy, I believe I did something wrong, this was at the time I needed to fall asleep so I closed all my tabs and said I figure it out tomorrow. Today, I woke up and immediately got on my PC before school. I opened by glitch project “burkeproxy” and when clicking custom domain, and typing in, it said “This domain is already registered for glitch,” this is not possible because I deleted the failed CNAME on my godaddy page last night. If anyone could lend some help it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, glitch fortunately has a quick solution to this!
Point your CNAME to here’s my CPanel for one of my domains

After wait a couple minutes for the DNS to propagate (may be quicker for others) and you should be good!