Custom Domain with AWS CNAME

Hello. I got my two thanks from helping and now I’m trying to attach my AWS domain, to my project, jdipasquale. When i put my domain name into the custom domain option, it tells me to make a CNAME record that points to the thing it gives me. How do I set up the CNAME record for my domain?

Hi there! Take a look at this Help Center doc for setting up a custom domain:

I saw that, but it did not help me. Amazon web services isn’t on there.

Ah, you’re right! Browsing the AWS documentation, I was able to find this doc about creating records in the Route 53 console; you’ll want to look for the section on adding Alias records.

Ok. I picked CNAME and checked Yes for Alias. There is a section for Name and for Alias Target. What should go in each one if my Glitch project is called jdipasquale and my site is

I believe for Alias Target you’ll want to put the URL given to you by Glitch (“the thing it gives me” from your original post). For the Name put www and see if that works!

So I did try putting www and the thing it gave me but this happened:

Okay. I turned Alias off and left it a normal CNAME and it worked! Thanks so much!

Awesome, glad it got worked out! I have also made a note to add AWS/Route53 to the Help Center doc for others wanting to do this in the future.