Custom Domain - www not working

Hi there,
No - this isn’t another person asking for their domain removed on the forum. :joy:
I have used Glitch Custom Domains before, but never on a main domain (e.g. just a subdomain (e.g. and I have stumbled across a problem where going to my main domain works with the Glitch project, but if I go to, I get ‘not found’ error. I have a CNAME of www ->, but it still doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix?

Any help appreciated,


Try redirect www to @

As I said I have that CNAME, just doesn’t work. Let me try re-add it

I’m not sure how it works with glitch but for gh pages it was quite simple

Re-added and now I get some weird SSL error :angry: Probably an issue with my CloudFlare setup

It’s because Glitch can’t find the host you’re looking for.

What error, I know that at some point glitch stopped working with new cloudflare domains

Now I get the not found error again :joy:

Is there a way to add the www and the other domain at the same time? Seems like this is the same error I would get if I didn’t add a domain on Glitch but added the CNAME in the DNS

Using your own reverse proxy would certainly help, send me the domains in PM and I’ll add you to mine.