Custom domains error


Custom domains error: is already registered for glitch! but I tried error: is already registered for glitch!


Hey @SepulturA we’ll need the custom domain name to be able to look into what’s going on, but generally speaking, a domain can be used in Glitch/Fly for only one project, and since there’s no way for project owners to remove the domain themselves, Glitch staff will need to do that for you, if that’s what you want.


Would you do that for me?


Sure. I was assuming that Was a sample domain name and not the one you’re really using. I need to know the domain you’re actually working with to investigate. Can you either get the to me or confirm that is the actual domain?


sitename = My site domain name


I’m still not sure I understand.

If is your actual domain name then it’s already pointed at a site that’s not hosted on Glitch.

If that’s not your actual domain name, we need your actual domain name to be able to help in any way.


Domain is Real Domain


Ok, I think we might still be miscommunicating, but here goes. isn’t registered for a Glitch domain in our system, and it redirects to is also not registered as a Glitch custom domain, and doesn’t seem to have any DNS configured.

If those are the domain records you’re having trouble with you should contact’s support directly and they might be able to help you out.

If neither of those are the domain you’re having trouble with, please send the Glitch project name and the domain name and I’ll look into it.


@SepulturA What Is the link to the website you are trying to connect the glitch project to?