Custom Domains HTTP Status Code 403 on all requests including "Get"


I’ve been getting errors all across the board with my custom domains with a response of “403 Forbidden” on these domains:


I am having the same issue…

I am having the same problem - are custom domains down for everyone?

Hey CodedJimmy and other people,
i found this and i hope this will answers your question:

Hello, friends!

Tomorrow (Friday, December 25th), all non-urgent support requests that come in will be responded to when Support returns to its regular schedule on Monday, December 28th.

Happy holidays and also have a wonderful weekend :gift:

Hi there folks!
Looks like all custom domains are down but as @byCRXHIT pointed out it’s unlikely to be fixed until a normal support schedule is resumed. Just take a break from your coding and online activity and enjoy a break for the holiday season and hopefully it will be fixed by the time you come back!
Looks like refreshing loads can get them to load sometimes but not all the time



Same issue here! I hope Glitch fixes this ASAP

This is odd, normally this happens when you visit on an IP part of the Tor network. Like @EddiesTech said, we will most likely have to wait until after the holidays for a fix. Very sorry!

Same issue here. I think this is something wrong with because a couple of my custom domains are set explicitly there instead of using Glitch custom domains and they are broken too. This might be because Fly is in the process of removing that old service that was used to set custom domains for Glitch projects. I’ll try to contact their support too.

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Thanks for reporting this to fly itself.

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Thank you! By the looks of it, this is a Glitch issue:

Hello everyone - just wanted to let you know that we are investigating this issue and will post updates to as they come.


Thank you! I hope this is fixed soon

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A big thank you to the glitch team for working to fix this issue during their christmas(if they celebrate it and it’s still christmas in their timezone). Hope you get the issue fixed soon

This seems to be fixed :tada:

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