Custom Domains | Not Found Error

Hello guys. I was trying to setup my glitch site for 2 days and couldnt do it.

When i try to enter my site it just gives me ‘‘not found : giveawayscreator’’.

Im sure that i set everything up and ok, i use and

Cloudflare DNS settings

Freenom NAMESERVERS Settings

Glitch :
Name :

  • I waited more than 48hr as people said on other topics.

Hi @Mustafa!
Can you show us the domains you have added to your Glitch project (a screenshot of the domains section)?

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Hi there - I looked up “” and we don’t have any records for that. It looks like you added “” instead.


@jenn - thanks for the help but in site it says add it with www. so i got confused. I changed like the way you said, but it fixed the problem.

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Glad it’s fixed now. I’ll let the team know that the “” placeholder there is confusing!

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