Custom domains not working?

Custom domains are currently not working for any of my projects, it loads for a long time and then says Error: Error: http request timeout. The projects work when accessed on the subdomain.

Same error here! Nothing seems to be working - seems fine according to their status

Okay, now that’s frustrating! I have 3 custom domains set for my Glitch projects using and neither of them work. And after a long time of loading, I get the error as @advaith said. @Glitch_Support or anyone, what exactly is happening? :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

EDIT: IT’S BEEN FIXED! The issue resolved itself, at least for me!

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Yes, it’s fixed. My website loads fine.

It’s still broken for some of my projects

Hi @advaith,

Can you reply with a custom domain that is causing this issue? Then I can take a closer look.

Actually, looks like it was broken on one project due to a code issue, and the other projects work. Sorry for the confusion.


No problem! Glad you figured it out!