Custom Error Pages

Hello, people.

I was trying to check out if Glitch offered support for custom error pages but failed to come across any information regarding the same. I would like to suggest that Glitch should add a feature where users can have customized error pages for their projects. For example: When my project exeeds its hourly request limit, instead of showing the lame one line text I should be able to present a custom 429.

Waiting eagerly to hear from you!

This is such a cool idea @TooAkshi! I don’t know about the 429 error (sounds like a container level feature) but we can definitely implement custom 404’s with a router (like express)!

Hello, @househaunt. I am aware of the implementation of custom 404 error pages using express but I need to know if we could have more.

I think this is already possible. But good to think about

Having a custom landing page when my project exceeds its hourly limit of 4000 requests is not available yet, @SuperWaltC.

Ah I see, thanks! Yeah I would definitely like to learn more about what would be possible!