Custom fly url keeps disappearing

I’ve already reached out to Glitch support to fix this for me and they did. But, I have been working on the DNS settings for my domain :

So, I keep need to refer to the URL. But I can no longer get that URL.

Send help!

Hi @Laphatize, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Custom Domains in Glitch are a little in flux, but if what you’re looking for is the provided domain that you get when you register the Custom Domain you don’t need that any longer. You can substitute (or the IP address for for whatever domain you received and everything should work just fine.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, but the problem is Glitch and Fly still think it’s taken so I can’t do anything with @cori

Nevermind, I had trouble understanding what you saiid originally, but it makes sense now. Ty!

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