Custom Glitch Presence for discord

I have made a custom Rich Presence for discord, for glitch!
Every page, including the status page, support site, editor, and main website, has a presence!

You can use this presence by installing PreMiD, once you install the program, and browser extension, head over to this page and click “Add Presence”.

You can view the source code for the presence here!

I will be updating it shortly, to add a function, when you are on a link, it will show that too!

If there is any page, or anything you want added to the presence that I do not already have, then respond to this topic and suggest it!


Here’s a description for Glitch extracted from different sources:
Glitch is the friendly community where you can find or create the app of your dreams. Over a million people have become part of the Glitch community, creating amazing apps, bots, websites, art projects, virtual reality experiences, interactive infographics and much more.



I have been searching everywhere for a working 512x512 image for glitch, but cannot find any, do you have a branding page, or can I be linked with a 512x512 image of the glitch logo please :slight_smile:

Its great you’re doing this Callum :slight_smile:

I don’t think its right to make it look like an official Glitch presence, given that its not created/supported by Glitch staff.

FYI the hosting site for the thumbnail seems to be down from here, maybe it should come from a cdn.

Yes, I noticed that and have a pull request opened to change it, when you hover over the image on the glitch presence, it does say that it is a PreMiD V2 presence

It says the var on the first line is incorrect for the presence. And I am on a Chromebook and the extension is telling me I need to install the app in order to use the extension. Can Someone Help Me?

This might seem a bit over the top, but if you want to use this on a chromebook you could use crouton which lets you run Ubuntu on a chromebook.

I don’t really want to put my Chromebook in dev mode… I use i for schooling currently.

@Callum-OKane, can if check if the image you want is on this page?

I do not understand what ya mean by that