Custom HTML 404 Site

Hello guys. I am trying to make a HTML site for my discord bot. (Project : here). In the tutorials, it needs to have a package.json and server.js but these files broke the Static Site mode. I want to make it so it still shows 404 page but its still a Static Page.

(Note : i just entered the site so you will directly see the main page.)

Hi @Mustafa!
This is the only way I found, courtesy of @aboutDavid:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you eddie but it didnt worked :frowning: Im getting not found error again. i will try it some time and if it didnt worked i will notify you :slight_smile:

hey guys i was looking to web for solutions and found a solution but it wants to have a .htaccess file. how can i find it? or should i create it?

You can use a .htaccess file in ~hello-httpd

can i create a file just named .htaccess or should i add something to my code?

How to make a custom 404 page (A TUTORIAL) - Tutorials - Glitch Support


I know this topic but this tutorial has package.json in it that gets project out of Static Site.