Custom Link Error

I am redirected my custom domain with CNAME. When i renew glitch page it’s not showing in custom domain menu. Also when i try to re-add the domain glitch say’s “domain is already registered for glitch”.
When i try to use custom domain browser say’s “can’t reach site” Why my domain is not linked with glitch?

In another project did you use that domain?

Since this error is on the glitch’s side, im going to ping glitch support: @glitch_support

no, first time using a custom domain.

@glitch_support I am having an issue with custom domain.

For the record, DNS (domain name service) takes long to propagate (update worldwide) sometimes causing errors. Especially with newly registered domains. Usually propagation takes around 24 hours. Sometimes one person will have 1 version of a website and another person right next to them will have another. is a great site to see if propagation has finished

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Haha get it? (DNS records)

I also agree with @EddiesTech, DNS records can take a long time to update, it all really depends of your DNS provider.