Custom waking up page

Is there a way to change a waking up page? I would like to make a custom loading page for it :smiley:

No you cant

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Aw, alright. Thanks for the info.

yes you canβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Ž


20characters :slight_smile:

well,only in theory and with a vps. the websocket way (quereying wss:// may be too much though. you would have to set a proxy app for the glitch project. sadly it cannot be on the same glitch would need to query the glitch page on a request a detect the loading state and send that back to the proxy requester via a ws, browserchannel etc and then render the actual page by a refresh for example.

Not worth it at that point as you would already have a vps

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yeah, 1 cheap, hosted nodejs server / linux vps for 3$/mo , but maybe up to 20 small free glitch projects with maybe some custom (sub) domains. well, but now theres pingbanning uh oh

I still have my paper on custom login pages, I could try to implement it onto Glix (which is now open source btw)

offlinecaching the app clientside might work but would require an initial visit to download the manifest / setup the serviceworker