Dabots.ml is already registered for glitch

Hello, i tried to add my domain dabots.ml to glitch.

I added the CNAME record (didn’t know what name to put) with the provided pointer
Now it shows dabots.ml is already registered for glitch

Project name: discord-a-bot

Email support@glitch.com and they can remove the domain.

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email sent, thank you

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:eyes: Another bot list?

yessir. But improved. Not github copypasta, writing it all so it is real fricking GOOD

There’s a TON of bot lists lol.
https://botblock.org is a list of bot lists.

top.gg is dying. botsparadiscord is always down and it’s only available in portuguese. I am not gonna be another one, at least i’ll try not to

What about

Huge list,

  1. no webhook, weak api
  2. nothing negative found!
  3. rate limited, will crash for bots with 100.000+ guilds
  4. no webhook for votes

I know for a fact that botlist.space has all those.

refer to https://docs.botlist.space/sl-docs/ratelimits

Unless your about to tell me that your going to remove ratelimits and let people completely spam the hell out of your API I don’t see any problem with those ratelimits.

of course there will be, but those are too low. If i want to programatically check the stats, i will get limited

What stats are limiting you?
Once per 2nd is enough for you?

5 req / s would be ideal, I’m moving forward with this project anyways