Dark Theme for Support page


I would love to see a dark theme for the support site of glitch, I would use something like stylebot but that never works correctly.

Hey @Callum-OKane, I love the idea but unfortunately, I don’t know if it is possible since the support page uses a template from another place. (I might be wrong)

It’s fully possible, many other forums that use Discourse can achieve a dark theme by changing some settings (i dont know a lot about discourse).

I mean its not offical but you can use https://darkreader.org/ (works on every website)

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Oh, thanks for letting me know.

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@Callum-OKane This forum is running Discourse, which unfortunately doesn’t come with a built-in dark theme. Although as suggested by @WilsontheWolf you can use Dark Reader. Another alternate is using Stylus which is a fork of Stylish. I recommend either Dark Reader or Stylus, and I would not recommend using Stylish hence they’re collecting analytics information on how you browse etc.

I thought it does have Dark Theme or a Dark Theme addon

for those who want dark theme here…