Dark Theme for Support page

Why would Discourse not care? Glitch is a paying customer to them.

it is lost data, discourse does not back up any data immediately before a forum gets upgraded, but it does after, so, it is pretty much stating *** anything that occurs during the update, can’t be reverted, unless you downgrade*** more specifically

Well you can always backup the data beforehand. Since you can download the data to your PC. via the admin panel i believe

Guys, guys! @xXProGamerXx, if you’re right about Discourse itself hosting Glitch’s forum, then updating should be easy and I don’t think any data is lost, @J-Tech-Foundation:

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hm, ok, so then, it would be fine, but when i did mine, and updated mine, everything was lost, and reset during the update

@J-Tech-Foundation Was your forum hosted by Discourse?


i ended up deleting it afterwards cause of that…

Weird, because upgrading is as easy as pressing a button and all your data is saved. Might be worth asking on the Discourse Support Forum!

Jus wanted to know: how did you guys run your own Discourse instance?

buy discourse…

thats the answer XD

You guys bought Discourse? @xXProGamerXx, even when you tried to see how user groups work earlier (in the User Announcements Category post) you paid?

I don’t think so: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

I hosted it myself.

I installed Windows Subsystem for Linux on my Win10 machine since Discourse won’t work on a Raspberry Pi then followed their Ubuntu install guide. Discourse made a guide to installing it on Windows 10.

You can view that guide here.


For the sake of not wiping everything out, Glitch needs to have an staging Discourse instance first by creating and getting the latest production build and test whatever an new feature/plugin makes the entire Support forum ruined. In case the whole forum was ruined, reject that. Otherwise, backup the entire instance before site-wide lockdown and follow upgrade manual.

There’s something else as well: the themes Discourse is offering are meant for default themes. What I mean is that, Discourse can have only one theme (the default one, which could be a dark theme) but you’re not allowed to switch between themes, as in Dark Mode and Light Mode. Maybe that is the reason why Glitch is not changing this forum’s theme???

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finally someone can understand…

You only need to set a default theme. You can make the dark theme an optional feature to enable in the users settings.

I can confirm what @xXProGamerXx is saying. On a different Discourse instance there is an option to enable dark theme or light theme.


I would like to have a custom color to choose from like for the header or my profile.

@Coding_Dylan Are you trying to request a feature?