Dark theme for the website & forums

I think it would be a good idea to have dark theme for the website & forums (optional choice).

It appears you can already do multiple themes in Discourse (the software this forum uses) Info: here.

Maybe the website & editor theme should sync between each other as well!

Hey @charliea21 I’d be happy to include a dark theme for the forum if you have something in mind. I’m not sure if we have any plans to support a dark theme on the community site directly.


That would be much appreciated, since I browse the forum a lot, I find it annoying that it doesn’t have a dark theme. (I :heart: dark themes)

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Don’t forums made with Discourse support dark-theme by default? Was dark-theme interface intentionally removed from this site?

I feel like this feature would help provide a better UX.

Hey @Un-index,

Yes, Discourse does provide options to switch between default light and dark themes but that option has been disabled on the forum. There was attempt to create a dark mode for the forum as a userscript, but it was too hard to properly invert the colors of all the elements of this forum.

This is what @tasha, a Glitch staff member once said:

If you still want a dark mode for this forum, you can use a browser extension like Dark Reader.

Hope this helps!


There is also the option of using this pretty decent theme.