Dashboard for domains

I think there should be a dashboard for custom domains you add. That way, you can remove them and edit them without emailing support@glitch.com, removing forum topics about their domains.

All the above posts have the same idea, maybe you should vote for them too?


I didn’t see that on the topic dupe thing. My bad.

This is actually different, you’re suggesting a dashboard, while they are suggesting a single switch/button to remove the domain. Genius! I voted.

Hmm, what all should be there in a domain dashboard other than “a single switch/button to remove the domain”?

i dunno, it isn’t my suggestion, but i would say analytics, like how many people visited your site- OH GOSH THAT GAVE ME THE BEST IDEA EVER!! I’ll be right back!

  1. Not something you would want on a domain dashboard.\

  2. Leave your name here just by visiting the project


The domain of dashboard could have the button of the changing the domain. Like you can of change one domain to a different project.

I guess a custom domain removal “dashboard” now exists!

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It’s been two months already? I guess time goes by fast with my dashboard :wink: