Data reset on APP restart


I am using a database named Enmap.
It updates the file when its running,
but when I restart the app the data that I had saved earlier is lost.

The file is an *.ldb file
and also the main directoy where the file is visible this file itself is invisible in the editor.

How do I solve this issue

And this is my project!/rapid-friction


The file system on Glitch is persistent, so any data saved correctly to a file should be retained between restarts. I’d check your config to make sure it’s setup correctly. The file isn’t shown in the editor (but still exists on the file system) because it’s a binary file, see the FAQ:




Hi Gareth,

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve had multiple users complaining that their data was lost upon reboot. I’m the developer for a small wrapper/cache system that uses leveldb or sqlite as a background, and a good half a dozen people over the last few months have indicated that their data is lost on reboot.

By default, my module (enmap) saves the data in a folder called ./data/ , where leveldb generates subfolders for the leveldb tables, and sqlite simply creates ./data/enmap.sqlite and 2 other files sqlite uses.

I’ll try to recreate a test case, but with the amount of people that have indicated this problem, it’s surely something systemic that needs to be looked into.



Thanks for the information, Evie. We’d be happy to look into this for you. A test case would be useful or if you know of any current Glitch users seeing this issue then that will give us a starting point to work from. From our side, the few reports we’ve had have all had some project code which was causing the problem, but we’re keen to get to the bottom of any system problem too.