Database connection error

:camera: app is running on port: 3000

connected to passreqapp database undefined

.env: line 2: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `’’

.env: line 3: syntax error: unexpected end of file

COMPLAIN: Before the error message i was having an error message that, the URI of mongodb must me a string . I now went and put the string then the above message.
now what should i do.
the linkGlitch

Hi there! It appears your app is working, do you still see that issue? I think it’s telling you that you have a ’ in the beginning of your env value string but you don’t close it with a ’

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your suggestion work,
its fine now thanks.

Hello jenn, now that my database have been connected and am done with my app, just one module is showing to the console, can not find module please help.
link :Glitch
can i invite you instead

Hello again! So your relative url paths were incorrect - you had β€œ./” instead of using two β€œ.” before the β€œ/” (I can’t type just two periods because Discourse turns it into an ellipsis :tired_face:). Now your error is saying you’re missing a package that you’re requiring but doesn’t show up in package.json. Add it there and that should either work or expose any other errors that need to be addressed!


ok, am not arguing, but basically i thought that using two dot should be when you created a subfolder into another.

Thanks jenn, it’s working and i understand why and where i should use the two β€œ.”

Hello jenn, good evening please can you help, i have tried connecting my frontend with the backend and its not working.Glitch