Database connection

Hi everyone,
I would like an information about the connection between my project in Glitch Code (Is an HTML site) (Through php code) and an online database.

Is there an online database which i can connect to with Glitch? I need it to manage a login and registration pages with the use of a database to store the data in input.

Hi! To setup a database, you have two options:

  • Use a database-as-a-service platform
  • Use node.js server plus a database library on NPM

Could you explain to me how to do this? I tried to use db4free but it doesn’t work, i tried with MySql-Front in localhost and obviously it didn’t work.

It depends a lot on what database you choose, but for example Glitch has a good SQlite starter (minimal version).
I highly recommend you to look at this post:

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