Database Movement (json.sqlite)

Hello! Does anyone have any ideas on how to move the contents of a json.sqlite file?
I’m trying to transfer it to another project because it contains a lot.
If you could help, it would be extremely great.
Here’s what I get after a manul copy of the file contents

Note: I don’t want to get all the files of the other project. I’m trying to make a new one from scratch, so please don’t bother saying about remixing it.

From a Discord Bot Developer,

First, download the .sqlite file.
Second, upload the file to the assets of the new Glitch application.
Third, run wget <url_of_the_asset> to download it inside the new Glitch application.
Lastly, run refresh so the file gets appeared in the file menu.

Note: Do not use Quick.db for your project (not optimized and maintained properly. Here’s my recommendation: Endb

The whole bot is using quick.db.
Also that note is promoting :joy:

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Quick.db has not been maintained for quite a while now. There are a lot of faults or defects in the code, the implementation is bad, so on; moreover, I think you misinterpreted, I am simply addressing my recommendations to you.

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