Deactivate and import a glitch project

Is it possible to deactivate a glitch project. So that only I can see the project but the website will not be reached over the url when I am not logged in.
Also is it possible to import again an saved gtz glitch project.
kindly regards for any answer

Hi @haiflosse! Right now you can make your code private in the Glitch Editor per this doc: If you want to make the project website itself private, you will have to implement authentication yourself inside the app. Here is a list of projects that will show you how to add that authentication:

In terms of your import question, I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. Can you give some more information so I can help further?

Thanks for your answer.
Regarding the import I will know when I do an export to an tgz file how I can get this file also import again into a glitch.
kindly regards

Hey @haiflosse we don’t currently support importing a project from a tarball; you can export to a tarball from the Export menu.

For importing a tarball you could upload the tarball to your Glitch project. It will end up in your project’s assets cabinet and you can use a command like wget in your project’s console to download it locally, from where you can expand it - there are a number of posts about getting assets locally elsewhere in the forum.

Alternatively you could put your code in an external git repo in GitHub and use the built-in GitHub import.

Hope this helps!