Debugging Login Page


I have a student that keeps getting an error that says “debugging login page”. We have tried different browsers and keep getting it.

Any tips?

Hi, is it possible you could send a screenshot? If it continues after a while I recommend emailing


  • opening the devtools console and check if any errors pop up
  • leaving it for a bit
  • try ‘email magic link’ if not already tried

Same error here.


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@17lwinn means :slight_smile:

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I’m also getting this error, so it’s not just you. I think this might be an issue with all of the social logins, but I don’t know about the magic link (as I don’t have an email to test that with).


Same issue here

It appears to be an issue with all login methods. From what I gathered this happens when using email magic link, GitHub login, and google login. If you log in with an email and password nothing will happen when you hit the submit button.

Im unable to try facebook login because the school I go to has web filters installed, but I assume facebook login gives the same results.

just tried to create a glitch account for the first time and having the exact same issue with facebook, google and github

Issue may have been resolved, I’m able to log in now but I don’t know if this is resolved for everyone. is not at all (or rather slow) loading for me as well as twitch and facebook and twitter seem to have API issues and are looping

Hi there - sorry for the trouble there. This should be resolved now, but if you or anyone else continues to have login troubles, email and we’ll help out!

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